Selah Cottage is made available at NO CHARGE for up to two weeks.*  All applicants must be able to
whole-heartedly sign our doctrinal statement and be members of an approved Christian mission agency or in other
approved full time Christian service.  We reserve the right to accept or decline any application.
*NOTE: Applicants accepted for furlough housing may request a longer term, subject to approval.

RESERVATIONS are made in the following priority order:
1)     Missionaries on furlough.  (up to one year in advance)
2)     Approved missionaries on deputation.
3)     Other approved full-time Christian workers  (up to 30 days in advance)
4)     Retired missionaries.  (up to 30 days in advance)

Apply Now!

Write to:
Selah Cottage Ministry
1128 Pleasant Site Road
Selmer, TN  38375

Call toll-free 1-877-820-7424 or E-mail us at:     
If you have questions, send us your name and e-mail address by filling in the form below, and we will answer you.
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The fastest way to apply:

You can print your own application and related materials by accessing the documents listed below.  Printing, filling out and returning all of these
(except the map) will fulfill your application requirements.  After completing, they may be scanned and emailed back as the fastest way. Upon
receipt, we will contact you to confirm the date that will be reserved for you.  Click on each of the below documents in turn, print, and return to
this page using your browser back button.

Selah Cottage Application

Statement of Faith

Policies and Procedures - Page 1

Policies and Procedures - Page 2

Map to guide you to Selah Cottage

Note:  For further guidance in finding your way to Selah Cottage, you may click on the button below to take you to an
interactive map where you can zoom in or out to plan your route from anywhere in the country.  Note that you must
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NOTE:  It is NOT recommended that you use the directions from this site, other than to
locate us in Tennessee.  Use our map above to guide you once you are in Tennessee.