Seasons at
Every season has its charms, and Selah Cottage can be fully enjoyed throughout
the year. Southwest Tennessee has mild, short winters, but does enjoy all four
seasons.   It is not frequent, but occasionally we even have snow.  
Winter has a special charm!  Although snow of
any depth is rather rare, we do get some nearly
every winter,usually in January or February.  
However, it is very unpredictable, sometimes
coming before Thanksgiving, and sometimes the
heaviest snowfalls have been in March!
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Of course, the most special time in winter is Christmas!  Whether there is snow or not, the
woods are a great place to celebrate the birth of our Lord.  Over the years, several families
have found Selah Cottage to be a wonderful place to come together to spend this special time.
Spring is a gorgeous time of year.  
Redbud trees begin to bloom in the
middle of March, followed by dogwood
trees by the first of April.  Of course,
daffodils have been blooming since the
middle of February!
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Summer is full of delights, fishing in the
stocked pond being only one.  Walks in the
woods give one the chance to enjoy what
God has provided for our pleasure and
time to meditate with only the sound of
birds and the breeze as background music.
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