The Story of the Repair of Selah Cottage
This is how we found Selah Cottage on February 6, 2008.  Even
though hit by tornadic winds and two trees, the cottage remained in
one piece.  God miraculously preserved it, although knocked
completely off its post foundation! The front of the cottage is now
13 feet South of its original location.
Back view of cottage. Note how trees (front and side) kept the
cottage from being moved even farther from its original site.
One of the cottage
"stopper" trees.
House movers were hired to raise the
cottage up so that new foundation
posts can be installed.
Cross beams of steel were placed
under the cottage.  These were in turn
chained to long steel beams placed
along both sides of the cottage.
Hydraulic jacks were then placed
under the long beams at all four
corners of the cottage.
The cottage was jacked up and new
concrete piers have been placed
under it.  It was now ready for the
extensive repairs that must be made
inside and out.
Praise God, funds were donated to
have the roof repaired and
reshingled! Now the roof trim and the
porch needed to be replaced and
much repair done inside the cottage.
The front and back porches have now
been replaced.
The badly broken kitchen and hall ceilings
have been replaced with a simulated
embossed tin ceiling.
The kitchen has been repainted and a
ceramic tile splash provided above the
The bathroom has been totally refurbished,
including a new whirlpool tub.
The master bedroom has been redone, with
a new laminated hardwood floor, and
repaired walls and ceiling.
laid in the living room and master bedroom.